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WhiteStar Grid®

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The gold standard for national coverage and the most detailed land grid you can get - now with optional Lots, Tracts, and Quarter-Quarters.

Why choose WhiteStar Grid?

  • Industry standard: Our land grid is the foundational data layer for GIS mapping at hundreds of companies.

  • Precision and accuracy: Best of breed sources and painstaking quality control for maximum accuracy and seamless data - even across borders.

  • Ultimate in auto-mapping: The optional lots, tracts, and quarter-quarter layers increase your auto-mapping success rate and save a bundle in technician hours.


National, details vary by grid type and state

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Land Grid Coverage

Lots, Tracts, and Quarter-Quarter Coverage



Available In:

WhiteStar Legal Mapper
for automated land mapping

Streaming Data
to feed your application

WhiteStar Cloud
for self-service downloads

WhiteStar Wizard
for mobile

WhiteStar Grid

WhiteStar Grid contains the foundational land grid data layers for accurate mapping and auto-mapping of land and lease positions, oil and gas wells, pipelines, and power lines. Map your assets quickly, easily, and accurately while leaving maintenance and updates to us. 

Data has been compiled from private and public sources over the past 20 years to build our premium base. WhiteStar Grid is the industry standard source of digital land grid in North America, and every other parcel, pipeline, or road in your GIS should register to it. And now we’re adding Lots, Tracts, and Quarter-Quarters (LTQQ).

Precision and Accuracy

Each polygon is identified by its best of breed source (BLM, USGS, Private Survey, etc) and edge matched to ensure maximum accuracy and seamless data - even across borders.

Updates and Change Tracking

An updated and accurate foundational layer is critical.

We stay on top of updating tasks to constantly evaluate and vet additional data sources as they become available. Because we provide geometry and feature modification dates for each polygon, you can easily determine the source, geometry and attribute update dates of individual polygons to determine which areas have been updated and which of your registered data layers needs to be edited. No other vendor or source provides anything like this critical information.

Integrating Proprietary Surveys

If you have a private survey, we’ll incorporate it.

Optional Lots, Tracts, and Quarter-Quarters

If land parcels were perfect rectangles, getting a clear picture of the ownership or lease positions in your area of interest would be straightforward.

LTQQs are derived from the authoritative source – the original chain of General Land Office Records, including Master Title Plats. The data have been captured under strict accuracy controls and are accurate representations of the original documents. The source scanned and georeferenced plats are also available as an option.

Without this data [including LTQQ], we would probably have to triple the team size, and the results likely wouldn’t be as accurate. The manual involvement with every ownership parcel would increase our build times exponentially. What WhiteStar has provided is exactly what we need to make our mapping requirements feasible.
— Corrin Crawford, Weyerhaeuser

Increase Your Automated Mapping Success Rate

Automated land mapping systems rely on clean data for successful processing. Every time human intervention is required to deal with bad data, time and money costs go up - way up.

WhiteStar’s data management practices produce the cleanest, most accurate and continually updated datasets possible – translating to better results, less hassle, higher success rates, and higher ROI for you.



WhiteStar Grid is a seamless digital mosaic of data layers including the following:

  • Public Land Survey - Most accurate compilation of data available including private surveys

  • Texas Land Survey - Includes Unique Texas Lots, Tracts, and Subdivision layer

  • Fitted State and County Lines (Land Survey lines and County boundaries coincide when appropriate)

  • Kentucky and Tennessee Carter Townships

  • Federal Offshore Survey (GOM, Atlantic, Pacific, Chukchi, and Beaufort Seas)

  • Pennsylvania Municipalities

  • West Virginia Tax Districts

  • State Water Offshore Survey (Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas)

  • Lots, Tracts, and Quarter-Quarters (see coverage map for availability)


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